40 hours per week, Monday to Friday plus On-Call Rota

Lead Technician – Automation & Factory Services 40 hours per week, Monday to Friday plus On-Call Rota

Job description

We are seeking a motivated individual to join our team as a Lead Technician – Automation & Factory Services. In your role, you will be responsible for managing and maintaining automation equipment and machinery to ensure the efficient production of our customer products. You will lead a team to meet production targets while maintaining high standards of quality and safety.

  • Manage the overall activities of the Automation & Factory Services department including but not limited to production, processing, machine maintenance and tooling maintenance.
  • Conduct routine inspections, maintenance, and repairs on automated machinery to ensure optimal performance and minimize downtime.
  • Identify and resolve technical issues with automated systems promptly to prevent disruptions to production schedules.
  • Implement upgrades and modifications to automation systems to enhance efficiency, reliability, and safety.
  • Preventative maintenance approach to be taken with regards to Automation machines and all axillary equipment. Ensuring PM plans as per machine supplier recommendations are maintained to the highest level of asset care.
  • Maintain accurate records of maintenance activities, repairs, and system configurations to facilitate troubleshooting and compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Work closely with production and quality assurance teams to address automation-related challenges and improve overall operational effectiveness.
  • Provide technical assistance to Automation / Factory Service technicians and operators.
  • Provide training to production staff on the proper operation and maintenance of automated equipment to ensure safe and efficient utilization.
  • Identify opportunities for process optimization and automation enhancements and participate in the development and implementation of improvement initiatives.
  • Adhere to all safety protocols and regulations while performing maintenance activities and operating automated machinery.
  • Respond promptly to equipment failures and breakdowns, implementing contingency plans to minimize production losses and ensure a swift resolution of issues.
  • Stay up to date with advancements in automation technology and best practices, incorporating new techniques and tools to enhance system performance and reliability.
  • Maintain employee performance review, training, development and disciplinary programs.
  • Participate in and support the Quality Management System.
  • Support new tool design and development.
  • Promote and support TPM projects within the Automation Department.
  • Develop and maintain a culture of world class preventative maintenance thinking., including Industry 4.0 thinking and projects.
  • Setting and sharing best practice.

Profile of the candidate

  • Qualified Maintenance Fitter with Electrical / Programming experience or an Engineering Degree or another relevant Technical Qualification.
  • A minimum of 5 years work experience in a production environment.
  • Good general knowledge of automation, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical systems.
  • Proven experience working with automated manufacturing or industrial systems, including PLCs/robotics.
  • Strong troubleshooting skills with the ability to diagnose and resolve complex technical issues efficiently.
  • Proficiency in reading electrical schematics, blueprints, and technical manuals.
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams.
  • Commitment to safety and adherence to established safety protocols and regulations.
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision and prioritize tasks in a fast-paced production environment.
  • Familiarity with predictive maintenance techniques and condition monitoring tools.
  • Knowledge of lean manufacturing principles and methodologies.


Please send your application and/or C.V. to:

HR Department WP Ireland
Mrs. Aisling O'Keeffe - HR Manager
E-mail: hr.ie@wppg.com

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02 Apr 2024