Natural American Foods, a worldwide leader in honey processing and distribution, recently launched a new packaging for their delicious Buzz + Bloom craft honey range. The high quality honey is now packaged in a handy PET bottle with functional dispensing valve closure, both designed and produced by Weener Plastics. Distinctive features to stand out on the shelf!

Distinctive packaging

The honey package with the always recognizable bright blue cap clearly communicates where Buzz + Bloom stands for: a unique taste, natural nutrients and trusted sources. The smart valve closure offers the consumer a direct and convenient dosing of the right quantity without leaving nasty residues. The partial lid opens and closes easily and can be locked in the upright position. The PET bottle has the perfect shape, size and plasticity to squeeze the honey precisely and comfortably.

The closures and bottles are produced in Europe, at the Weener plant in Spain. Natural American Foods is the first to launch this appealing package in the US, differentiating themselves from other products in the market.

Global supplier, local service

Weener Plastics is a global supplier offering local service. Innovative packaging solutions can be rolled-out to other areas in order to fulfill customers' requirements. The complete realization process of a package is offered, from concepting and product development to tooling and series production in compliance with the most stringent food safety regulations.

Natural American Foods, located in Onsted, Michigan, supplies a broad range of proprietary and custom blended honey to meet the needs of retail, food service and commercial customers. Their honeys are superior and contain no artificial ingredients, flavors or preservatives, and are gluten-free, fat-free and nut-free. They run their business based on the highest standards of food quality and safety.

07 Oct 2016